Floor standing speakers Heco Celan GT 902

In the hierarchy of Heco Celan GT series is located on the second top position: above - only speaker Statement ("statement" in English), a step below - Celan XT. Thus, being the senior speaker corresponding line, Celan GT 902 costs just a step away from the leader of the lineup, and probably it also have something to say.

Model structurally similar, the difference between them is mainly quantitative. About them not say, different as heaven and earth, rather, they are very similar. In both cases - three bands and traditional design, the same configuration and even the caliber of speakers, the same low-clearance (two rear reflex port) and small discrepancies in the specifications.

But, of course, there are differences. Statement completed by heads of higher level. Tweeter has its dome covered nanoparticles, and diffuser Tweeter Celan GT 902 is made of a material Polyfiber (PFC-Dome); moreover, in MF-ke flagship applied aluminum-nickel-cobalt ferrite magnet (Alnico), has a significantly higher temperature stability, which, in turn, promises better dynamics. Membrane midrange and woofers Statement made from pulp and wool composite (95% cellulose) and reinforced (hardened) cellulose (LF), and GT 902 - kraft paper (kraft paper); course, this is no ordinary wrapping paper kind used in the mail (I will not say, however, about the German Postamt), and special material with strictly controlled properties. I note in passing that the belief in the benefits of audiophile speakers with paper cones everlasting - it clearly and without a referendum.

Statement allows three-wire connection with correction levels secondary (-2 dB) and high (+2 dB) frequency, whereas in the GT 902 provides bi-wiring/amping and only high -level change (+2 dB) - available switching group of five of excellent terminals with anodized gold contacts. Leader bit and proportionately exceed Celan GT 902 for each of the three dimensions of approximately 2 cm, however, curiously, it weighs a little less at the same time (43 and 44 kg, respectively).

RF radiation head 902 GT adjusted shallow mouthpiece. The latter, as well as the front of the chassis large speakers (ring pad) made of aluminum and polished to a mirror shine. All logos marked Heco, and HF waveguide - also the name of the series. Located on the back wall of the large aluminum tubes with wide mouth bass reflex is not glued, as so often happens, and securely bolted to the body and, as speakers, framed mirror ring pads. In the role of elastic legs used pads (floor) or spikes (for carpet).

Rounded side walls - today a popular way of strengthening and revitalizing the body appearance acoustics. The company offers a column covered with black, white lacquer and wood veneer (espresso, test specimen). Finishing - veneering and polishing - performed flawlessly. Tiny natural flaws in the veneer filled mastic tree exactly in tune and perfect zapolirovat. In all this visible exceptional quality factor.

Heco Celan GT 902 are among those speakers who give no idea of its real potential without sound workout. Test conditions were not allowed to precede critical listening recommended in such cases many hours warming, but qualitative progress has been made already and a half hours after operation. Conclusions about the possibilities of columns I've done on the basis of experiences as the real sound and extrapolating tagged while listening to positive change.

To the reader an idea about these changes, will discuss briefly how the sound was in the beginning and how it transformed. In the first minutes (immediately after switching on) speakers gave only a rough diagram of the music being played, without gross distortion, but with great simplifications. Over time, the sound gradually becomes more flexible and alive. The least progressed mapping music scene, which was drawn generally true, but without the frills.

These speakers do not fit a small room, it does not fit standard bed pivot basketball team. No rooms and cozy cubbyhole. Celan GT 902, with their large, carefree sound and fundamental lower case will be cramped in the room is less than 25-30 m2. Speakers very convincingly convey the scale of the major musical forms. They feel fine, if I may say so, the width of the chest, shoulders reversal Symphony Orchestra, a large body, the energy of a rock concert. High power, great dynamic potential, mainly in macrodynamics, correct tonal balance and deep, assembled, dynamic bass belong to the main advantages of the model. In other words , GT 902 can play loud and even very loud without distortion, that is, without prejudice to the tone, timbre, and other aspects of the sound.

It is noteworthy that while listening is often desirable to increase the volume and the sound did not cause irritation or imminent exhaustion.

The increase in area macrodynamics obtained to some extent by Microdynamic - frame extended dynamic range and at the same time shifted upwards. We know that there are speakers, which impressively elegant, watercolor performs music at low volume, such as at night. The test pair is not - as mentioned above, it occasionally causes the amplifier to twist the volume knob clockwise.

Audioobraz - it is always reduced projection of imaginary real sound, because it is impossible to reproduce in the living room not only sound array Symphony Orchestra with its more than 120 dB, but the real game and even a string quartet, a jazz trio... different techniques offers different coefficients of this projection. Heco Celan 902 tend to display the true size of the sound event and the amount of sound they achieved largely without compromising quality, albeit with a certain simplification microdetails deep and delicate musical layers, nuances. This is natural, because their playing style - not Palekh miniature and monumental fresco. Due to the above features in the interpretation of the music sound speakers Heco acquires a special dimension , passed large, liberated (but not unbridled). Basses in the orchestra is not just deep, dense and well structured, and fundamental. Widely available and free wave bass does not act directly, but implicitly. While hearing a large body of records, such as the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory and the Notre Dame Cathedral, comes to the forefront of organ pedal, you clearly feel mighty work 32-foot pipe, oscillating air tall table and ceiling of the room here, it seems, is not a hindrance. Big impression. Nobility, dignity and stature.

Heco Celan GT 902 Floor standing speakers photo