Harman/Kardon AVR 260 AV-receiver

The model Harmon/Kardon AVR-260 is an absolute leader in the class by the quality of built-in amplifier, and this factor is rapidly degraded in the whole industry for the last time. This is the most important factor with the availability of low-sensitivity speaker systems. It is widely stated about Harmon/Kardon that this brand will "make any firewood play", and this is the truth. You should only remember about power limits and not to load the device with something larger than compact shelf speaker systems. You need to provide for a very good subwoofer; the economy is not appropriate here. Room size should not exceed 20sq.m. In compliance with these options, you can enjoy a truly American sound, ideal for attaching to the bright world of Hollywood.

The first advantage of Harmon/Kardon equipment, which immediately strikes your eyes, is the individual futuristic design. The device will decorate any interior. The volume level control with highlight inside looks especially impressive. The special function - Dimmer allows you to change the brightness of the display's glow and backlight to its complete cutoff. The built-in display with large symbols is characterized by perfect readability even from a great distance.

The second, no less important advantage of Harman/Kardon AVR-260 is a solid set and rational organization of the ports on the back panel. Acoustic terminals are located in a range that facilitates the connection of speaker systems; there is a sufficient assortment of any connectors. We should especially note the analog 7.1 output, which allows you to complement the system's configuration with external power amplifiers and that is important at using floor fronts. Compatibility with active acoustics is provided in the same way. RS-232 port, input and output for an external IR-retranslator serve goal of the integration. Only non-detachable power cord can be referred to the minuses here. Three HDMI inputs are quite a bit by the standard of the present time.

In addition to headphones input on the front panel of Harman/Kardon AVR-260, also there are a composite video output, analog stereo and S/PDIF. Modern portable devices require a more advanced approach in this aspect and gadget lovers will unlikely be satisfied.

All formats of HD-sound from Blu-ray are supported. The signal processing is realized by several programs, including the branded Logic 7 and Dolby ProLogic, giving eight channels from any audio track. Weighted approach was used with a necessary minimum of the variants. The stated capacity of the built-in amp is 65W per channel that is optimal for compact satellite systems.

Autosetting happens slowly, but almost without user's participation; to move repeatedly the microphone is not required. The remote control is big, with large buttons, moderately comfortable. In all there are no any problems with the ergonomics that is very important for such a complex device.

Harman/Kardon AVR-260 has a rare, for the category of budget receivers, combination of qualities. Surprisingly decent amplifier is combined here with the processor, which supports all existing audio formats. In the result we receive the dynamics, deep low frequencies and decent elaboration of effects. On the negative side there are localization, limited frequency range and the scale of audio panorama. But it should be noted here, that such depletion of the range happens in any comparable in price receiver at using of any program of sound field. Therefore, fastidious to the sound nuances people should put aside for more advance equipment; the rest of users will be fully satisfied with this model.

In addition, an excellent comfort of sounding without any piercing defects of records should be referred to the number of Harman/Kardon AVR-260 merits. The generated? la Hollywood tonal character is ideal for the scaled blockbusters and dynamic fighters. Voice transfer is clear, but at times may give excessive bass.

Harman/Kardon AVR 260 AV-receiver photo