Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 AV-receiver

The design of Harman/Kardon equipment has the obvious two advantages: original, recognizable "face" and excellent ergonomics. However, this appearance is already pretty familiar. Try to distinguish AVR 7300 from any other receiver from the modern line. Perhaps because the design is really successful and there is no point in changing something. Take a look at the large and informative display - perhaps, the best in its class or at a strict set of buttons on the front panel, which, however, does not limit the possibilities of control.

Of course, there are differences - but not external. For example, Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 is equipped with a smart, learnable remote control, made with impeccable quality and finish. It has a built-in EzSet calibration microphone, designed to quickly and easily adjust the sound level of each channel. There is no load selector, but additional rear channels can be reassigned for the second zone. On the front panel of the AVR 7300 there are not only AV inputs, but also a complete set of digital terminals. Regret is caused only by the absence of HDMI, which would not be superfluous. On the other hand, this minus is balanced by the classic advantages of the H/K equipment - exclusively qualitative elements in the digital and analog path, the most powerful power supply system, and high-current power amplifiers.

After switching on Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 did not present any unpleasant surprises. The sound impresses by relaxed live dynamics, skillful articulation and organization of the mid-frequency range. The lower band sounds exemplary, and sometimes even with slightly exaggerated clarity, which benefits the reproduction of instruments with solid crisp bass. Sounding in the upper case is also with character. Discants are reproduced very detailed, even harshly, but without a hint of a veil, with pronounced air and, what is most valuable, without coloring of voice sibilants. The scene is very stable without any complaints to localization and separation.

In addition, we can attribute to the pluses of the receiver equally high sound quality from both digital and analog multichannel inputs.

Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 AV-receiver photo