AV-receiver Kenwood KRF-V6070D

This unit has a six-channel amplifier section and is provided with a multiple-input, advanced and user-friendly system for calibrating sound test signals and sound field adjustment to the parameters of acoustic systems, signal compression, Night view, the different "sub-modes" surround sound and tonal correction.

In the KRF-V6070D no decoder DTS ES (DTS is normal), and provided opportunities to work with dual monaural accompaniment (this function is relevant mainly to countries where being bilingual digital broadcasting) . Kenwood receiver has a record selector with digital multi-channel sources ( gift for fans to copy ) and ... Phono- input, which for some reason is not in the instruction word. Instead of a five-band equalizer in the KRF-V6070D tone control is applied at high and low frequencies, but still provides a triggering system loudness. The filter for the subwoofer, but there is a useful function for the subwoofer signal extraction of the basic channels.

A little disappointed rear panel. Plenty of space here, but there is some reason installed compact spring clips, which can cause problems with the connection cables of large cross section. No, terminals for connecting an optional stereo.

Management of the front panel is quite convenient: source selection is made rotatable selector, the display shows information about the modes are available, both major and minor functions. The remote control has the original form and is characterized by deliberate arrangement of buttons, the main of which is highlighted. However, the inscription on the remote are made too small letters - even people with good eyesight it can cause discomfort.

Let's start with the FM-Section's because it is probably the weakest link KRF-V6070D. And the quality of the reception is not very striking - tuner detects increased susceptibility to interference. And it sounds somewhat dry.

Kenwood - absolute leader on the dynamics of sound in our test. Even at levels close to the maximum, the sound continues to be a natural, intelligible, comfortable. Another strong point of the device - linearity. We can not say that it's perfect, because of the high bass, it seems, there is a small dip (apparently, the frequency of the filter settings for the subwoofer slightly lower than required), but when measured as a whole, the sound of KRF-V6070D we would describe as the least colored. And it's very good linearity and dynamics are combined with a good study of the harmonic. Clear and deep bass. The mid-range is clean and well detailed. Treble sound is dynamic, with a net attack, but a little simplistic. And all these qualities - yet again - and remain at very high levels.

The special features of the receiver Kenwood KRF-V6070D should include a sound stage. It is well located, but good depth and the correct division of the plans has only the center. At the edges of the stereo particular depth in the scene is no longer felt. Yet it should be noted quality analog inputs receiver. The sound passed through normal inter-block interconnect, almost nothing is inferior to that received by digital input. Of course, if you have a good source.

Kenwood KRF-V6070D AV-receiver photo