Kenwood KRF-V8080D AV-receiver

Kenwood KRF-V8080D is the model which is equipped, unlike younger devices, with a perfect central processor from Analog Devices and provides the support of all existing today formats of surround. Pleasant features of this receiver are the use of firmed transistors Linear T.R.A.I.T., gaining a good reputation in stereo amplifiers of the company, and also such useful function as the use of sixth unused channel (at the 5.1 system's configuration) for the amplification of passive subwoofer. There is loudness mode, lately appearing more rarely. Not bad capacitors Elna are used in the supply, what is not typical for the receivers of average price range. Energy usage of 330W allows hoping on the fact that the device won't have problems with acoustic control at least in the stereo mode. In General, the functional equipment of the device quite corresponds with the price. Only one frustrates - apparently, the company is not going to implement a calibration system in their receivers.

I must say that Kenwood also has a special style. It manifests itself in the selection of mid-frequency range, due to which the subjective "transparency" of sound increases but this is true only for medium volume. At the increasing of its level this feature becomes a hindrance - the comfort of perception suffers first of all. And the situation is exacerbated when "bright" acoustics is connecting. However, Kenwood KRF-V8080D is full of pressure: shots and thunder of breaks make the audience shudder. The sound field, being formed by the receiver, is commendable - it perfectly copes with creating the volume and localization of images. The overall character of the sound is saved in music material, but excessive selection of "upper middle" becomes more apparent here due to which the sound is shrill and unpleasant. On the other hand, if your acoustic suffers from the lack of resolution in this part of specter, Kenwood KRF-V8080D will help to deliver all nuances of a soundtrack to audience better. Due to the low price and full set of functions the device definitely will find its fans.

Kenwood KRF-V8080D AV-receiver photo