Kenwood KRF-V4550D AV-receiver

"If only it had DTS decoder...", our experts sorrowed. Yeah, Kenwood KRF-V4550D is equipped with only Dolby Digital/Pro Logic. Switching of video signal is organized not usually: yellow RCA connectors are collected in a separate bunch and designated by A-E letters so it is difficult to understand where input or output is without instruction. But the procedure of setting is easy after brief acquaintance with the front panel. Another pleasant surprise was the number of adjusted settings. In addition to signal level, you can adjust delay in each channel and not only in the center and at rear, but in front too! It is identified at the distance from corresponding speaker system to listening position, so it is quite easy to set it fairly accurately. Another nonstandard function is the possibility to change signal level in any analog input, i.e. to bring volume level from CD player, video player and TV to the same value. Unfortunately, it is not smooth, but three-level adjustment.

All settings are available for the remote control except for one - switching from digital signal to analog. Fortunately, digital signal is automatically detected and, if desired, you can set the device in manual working mode and choose inputs.

Kenwood KRF-V4550D will be perfectly suitable for the lover of home theatre, who saved player and the collection of vinyl recordings. But those, who want just watch movies from DVD won't be disappointed. In cinema mode Kenwood perfectly conveys the atmospheric and accurately localized effects - due to numerous regulations. It will, definitely, "groove" inexpensive system like "subwoofer/satellites", but will fully show its potential at work for full-range speaker system. If it has sufficient sensitivity, you may not even need a subwoofer. We recommend you to invest the saved money in back speakers and loudspeaker of the central channel - it must be full ranged. Then, your Kenwood will play and sing seriously.

Kenwood KRF-V4550D AV-receiver photo