Pioneer SC-LX73 AV-receiver

Only the large knobs of the input selector and the volume control stand out on the strict and impressive front panel. Secondary controls, jacks for headphone and a measuring microphone are hidden under the lid, equipped with a micro-lift. Also there are hidden USB connectors and HDMI inputs, so there will be no problems to connect mobile gadgets and external drives with multimedia files. In order to switch sources on the rear wall of the case there are five more inputs and a pair of digital HDMI outputs, which allows using Pioneer SC-LX73 in advanced systems with two display devices. Nine pairs of acoustic terminals on the switchboard and a multi-channel output 9.1, giving you the possibility to realize a complete surround circuit by connecting an additional two-channel power amplifier (there are only seven power amplifiers in the receiver), attract attention. The feature of the Pioneer top models is Direct Energy HD amplifiers - the joint brainchild of Pioneer and ICEpower. They work in D class, characterized by high efficiency, and differ by precise sound in strict accordance with the canons of High Fidelity. Amplifiers are enclosed in a dull metal casing and occupy the whole basement at the back wall. The use of these units allowed to reduce the power consumption of Pioneer SC-LX73 to such modest values and to go without heavy cooling radiators and noisy fans.

The powerful Freescale sound processor and digital-to-analog converters operating in 32 bit/192 kHz format help to bring to listener the finest nuances of the high-definition soundtracks in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The best for today automatic calibration system Advanced MCACC, enhanced by the Full Band Phase Control function, which ensures phase matching of signals of all channels will allow to consider the acoustic features of the cinema hall and to fight effectively against resonances and standing waves. With a single heart we recognized the work of this system as effective: crystal clear and detailed sound with an energetic and focused bass register without hum. In movies Pioneer SC-LX73 receiver demonstrates the impressive dynamics and scale of the sound canvas in the most intense scenes. And this is with so modest appetite! Having coped with all test soundtracks without a hint of overload, the device stayed a little warm. Traditional for Pioneer careful study of the smallest details of audio tracks, combined with a clear and biting accentuation, creates an amazing sense of presence in the thick of events. Speaking about musical material, while keeping the general nature of the sound, which is distinguished by the careful preservation of overhangs, we noticed some dryness, typical for amplifiers of D class.

Pioneer SC-LX73 AV-receiver photo