Kudos Cardea C30 Floor standing speakers

The British company Kudos Audio started their business in 1991 and became famous for S100 racks for shelf monitors. A slightly light weighted S50 is still produced, but the main products of the company are speaker systems, the release of which was in 2006.

Since then an extensive series was developed, the flagship of which is the floor standing Cardea C30 - the company's philosophy in it was embodied most fully.

The body is made of high density MDF with the thickness of 18 mm and is divided into two acoustically insulated chambers; all internal surfaces are covered with damping material, the finish is natural wood veneer. The bass-reflex's port of the upper box is pulled back, of the lower one - down.

The main MF/LF driver is with a cast basket and 18-cm paper diffuser paper coated with three layers of lacquer using Nextel technology. It is equipped with a proprietary phase cap. Tweeter is the famous Crescendo from SEAS. An 18-cm woofer is installed into a separate self-engineered lower volume. All the speakers are optimally matched to each other with a help of 2.5-way low-ordered crossover. It uses the best components of Clarity Caps and Volt, the internal wiring is made by cable of The Chord Company.

All of these allowed us to achieve a fast and well articulated bass, even middle and extremely detailed and clean high frequencies. These loudspeakers are an excellent "foothold" for creating a music system of the highest class.

Kudos Cardea C30 Floor standing speakers photo