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Unison Research P40 Amplifier review
Amplifier Unison Research P40

Despite the fact that the single-ended Simply Two more known, the first integrated amplifier company was still two-stroke class AB four EL34 called Triode 20. Modern P40 issued under the name of 40 watts per channel for a 6-ohm load is characterized as: two pairs pentodes EL34V ultralinear inclusion...
Unison Research Unico CDE CD-player review
CD-player Unison Research Unico CDE

The player Unison Research Unico CDE used trucks TEAC CD5010A, sampling rate converter up to 96 kHz Crystal CS8420 DAC and Crystal CS4392, working with the data to 24-bit/192 kHz. Audio part, as well as other functional parts of the scheme, in accordance with the modular philosophy of the company collected...