Lexicon reviews

Lexicon GX-7 Amplifier review
Amplifier Lexicon GX-7

People first heard about Lexicon in 1971 and nowadays it is a world-famous division of the manufactures of professional electronics and audio equipment for home cinema, forming part of Harman Specialty Group. A seven-channel amplifier with model number of GX-7 is submitted to our approval today. The...
Lexicon RV-5 AV-receiver review
AV-receiver Lexicon RV-5

At first glance, this solid and businesslike a fitted receiver is easily mistaken for the receiver RV-8 class High End, worth several times more expensive. The differences, of course, there is, but not everyone should be considered a compromise. Instead of three premises unit can announce two, but it...
Lexicon RV-8 AV-receiver review
AV-receiver Lexicon RV-8

This American receiver on the front panel is milled coarsely sign Lexicon (brand, by the way, respected in the world of professional audio), will train you to be patient, attentive and diligent. After switching on the blue screen for about ten seconds hanging greeting, then appear the version information...