Ruark Talisman III Floor standing speakers

Ruark Talisman III is a typical representative of the English school acoustics, which usually has an outstanding elaboration of midrange and a bass, slightly limited by depth.

Ruark Talisman III is small speaker systems with quite an original design. The front panel and the most part of sides are covered with natural wood veneer, when the back part of the body is made of plastic composite that gives the speaker systems quite an unusual look. In addition, the front wall is slightly tilted back, and as Ruark Talisman III is low growth, such decision allows directing an acoustic axis of HF-speaker directly to the seated listener. There is the compartment in a lower part of the body for filling it with sand or small shots - in order to make the speaker systems more sustainable and to increase the rigidity of the construction. The bass-reflex port is in the upper part of the rear panel, where the sign of Ruark's participation in English League of craftsmen shines. Two pairs of terminals are designed for the connection by bi-wiring.

The speakers, being used in Ruark Talisman III, deserve a special mention - the tweeter is equipped with very light dome made of the material called Sonolex (apparently, it is a fabric, subjected to additional processing). MF/LF head has a diffuser made of paper, also impregnated with special composition and varnished.

I should warn the listeners: if you expect a powerful, penetrated bass, being able to turn entrails inside out, Ruark Talisman III is not for you. But they will give a lot of unforgettable sensations to whose, who apprize the ability to convey live tones of acoustic instruments and human voice.

On a violin concert of Mozart the talents of Ruark Talisman III were opened on all their glory - a clear and natural sound of strings will make many people to rethink their ideas that digital recording can't convey all richness of violin. The deck and the smallest details are heard very well and the system with its ambition to detailing doesn't cross the line where pushiness and sharpness appear. Ruark Talisman III is one of few speaker systems, in performance of which you want to classical music endlessly.

The speaker systems play vocals no less impressively - the feeling of the complete presence of Michel Sardou in the room creates; it's just a frightening realism. And at the same time Ruark Talisman III surpasses many of shelf monitor speakers, which are traditionally famous for ability to build a three-dimensional space, in the creation of virtual scene.

However, when you put the disc, requiring serious sound pressure at low frequencies from the speaker systems, you find the obvious limits, imposed by a small volume of the body and the size of MF/LF speaker. Although the ability of Ruark Talisman III to sound comfortably was confirmed once again in the album of Gary Moore, you could feel the lack of pressure and macrodynamics. The lower bass was almost absent, the rhythm section lost its fiery character.

The strengths of Ruark Talisman III - naturalness of tones and acoustic instruments' sound - proved once again at playing songs from the album "Blackmore's Night". The system conveyed female vocals no less perfectly, although, you know, sometimes it is recorded "near miss".

But the vocal is clear, transparent and breathtakingly emotional in the performance of Ruark Talisman III.

I think, Ruark Talisman III is the perfect variant for lovers of jazz, chamber music and vocal genres.

Ruark Talisman III Floor standing speakers photo