MB Quart QLC400 Floor standing speakers

A modest design of the German system embodies the ideology of acoustic expediency, not neglecting by details, but not paying excessive attention to influence of negligibly small effects. The use of decorative grills, fitting into sizes without prominent fragments, is justified aesthetically and acoustically. From the first impressions after the listening of QLC400 I should note the feeling of a good balance. As the fingers of Mark Knopfler drew on the guitar's neck, the system opened its many talents. Organic proportional connection of the main frequency components of sound contributed to the expression of musical performance and creation of the participation effect. Vocal turned out to be quite expressive; the transfer of Kari's Bremnes voice pleased by saving the richness of many his tints. The details of concert recordings of the symphonic were played with rare detailing, including the transfer of powerful low-frequency arsenal, violins, rich by tonal nuances, and effects, conditioned by acoustic characteristics of halls. Commenting sounding of the system, it is hard refrain from remarks to traditional "German thoroughness". High quality of stereo effect appeared in large-scale panorama of the scenic space, which was especially remembered in jazz improvisations. The manner of the transfer of low-frequency range by the system earns a special attention. We can mention about some coloration in the area of top bottom, but, on the one hand, the insignificancy of its role in overall flavor of basses and the persuasion of the transfer of the deepest details of low-frequency range on the other make the strongest impression. Without doubts QLC400 should be referred to the class of universal systems in the sense that the lovers of different musical genres and styles will love its sound. We will notice: in order to the system realizes its bass potential in full measure, it is desirable not to embarrass it within small volumes.

MB Quart QLC400 Floor standing speakers photo