MB Quart QL60C Floor standing speakers

MB Quart QL60C is a four-way speaker system of bass-reflex type (bass-reflex port is on the faceplate). The system's sizes (1000x260x300 mm) leave no doubts in terms of the problem how to place the speaker systems: put them on floor! A meter height is not a tragedy yet for the interior, of course if the interior is not inserted into a road van - the system requires a respectful attitude to space. Certainly, this fact doesn't connect only with sizes: Quart can process up to 180W of so-called musical power (power of short-term influence). The faceplate is organized in a following way (top to bottom): a cone mid-high-frequency emitter with a diameter of 150mm, a dome high-frequency head with the diameter of 25mm, mid-low-frequency speaker of 185mm in the diameter, low-frequency speaker with the same diameter, bass-reflex port. It is hard to overpraise the sound of Quart and its frequency response. Both upper and lower parts of the range are good. The upper limit frequency is 32 kHz by the technical description and there are no any reasons to doubt in this. These digits don't require comments. Inequality of response in both upper and lower parts doesn't exceed ± 2dB. I would risk making a bet that nobody will aurally notice a slight drop in sensitivity in the central part of the range on musical programs... AFC shows an excellent engineering solution of multiband system. The developers managed to achieve an organic and harmonic functioning of all its acoustic and electronic elements. The speaker systems have a low directivity, so the stereo effect is reliable in wide area. The sensitivity is high - about 91 dB. Lowly tuned bass-reflex (about 30 Hz) and the characteristic of input resistance module also speak about the quality of engineering solutions: at a minimal impedance of 8 Ohm its maximum is slightly more than 10 Ohms (the third frequency partition).

MB Quart QL60C Floor standing speakers photo