Acoustic Research Status S30 Floor standing speakers

Heavy body of two-way S30 has classical proportions, which significantly increase the possibility of harmonious fusion of speaker systems with different types of interiors. In addition to black there is a bright cherry variant of side panels' finish. Separate connection of the ranges is provided. The system comes with a set of spikes. Magnetic field of the speakers is shielded, so at the placement of the loudspeakers close to TV the lack of image distortion is guaranteed. Polymer cap of bass reflex port is attached, with a help of which you can regulate the energy of bass within some bounds.

S30 didn't present any surprises. Completely accurate, a bit dry bass, perfect middle, slightly softened tops - familiar, isn't it? These are the features of incorruptible elitism. Adjusted proportions of low- and mid-frequency aspects eliminate regrets about the lack of deep bass. The sound is muscular like a trained athlete, not resorting to steroid pumping. Some warmth of general hue in this case doesn't mean inferiority of upper part in the sound. High-frequency bouquet is presented to be extremely tonally rich, detailed and transparent, not offending the dignity of common sense. Stage's image comfortably arranges in volume of listening room, giving excellent resolution of positions of the imaginary sources, providing the perspective of depth. At playing of large orchestras the entire thickness of space is felt well from strings of front to the rear of drums. The system "holds" high energetic levels perfectly freely; ultimate modes slightly reduce picture's quality only at basses. At "normal" volume level any classics, jazz compositions obey perfectly.

S30 is surely the universal by genres system for audio lover with demanding in traditional sense relation to sound. Bass structure allows you to use the acoustics in small rooms; the bass reflex cap can be useful here.

Acoustic Research Status S30 Floor standing speakers photo