Klipsch RF-35 Floor standing speakers

Massive body, finished with vinyl film (which distinguishes RF-35 from the older models), explicitly gives to understand that bass potential of the acoustics is serious. The impression is reinforced by two 8-inch drivers made by firmed technology Cerametallic (metal with ceramic coating). A huge bass reflex port is located at the bottom of the back panel. Legs and spikes are attached to the speakers and it will be better to use them, otherwise you may have problems with bass control. It is better to install monitors at a considerable distance from the rear wall. However, the main difference of Klipsch RF-35 is a high-frequency horn Tractrix with which the company equips all its models. The use of horn allows increasing significantly the sensitivity of acoustics and this decreases the level of requirements to this amplifier. The tweeter, loaded on the horn, is a titanium dome with diameter of 25 mm. Dustproof mesh covers all front panel of the speaker from top to bottom. The connectors for two pairs of acoustic cables are quite qualitative. By the experience of communication with the older models of the series I can expect that monitors will require quite long time to warm up.

Kick in "Smoke on The Water" makes furniture shudder in the room and fourth string became clearly audible in the bass guitar. At the same time general character of the sound is rough and devoid of subtlety - acoustics draws the scene with large strokes, not squandering its gifts. And if the thunder of drums in "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin is played with stunning realism, hi-hat in the same composition lost in naturalness and localization. The quality of mid frequencies also a bit suffered from irresistible bass: "lower middle" is painted and the vocals, in addition, sound quite edgily. At passing to quieter music the manner of execution doesn't change - contrabass in jazz compositions is played powerfully but roughly and sharp notes appeared in the sounding of saxophone. The stage, formed by acoustics, is very wide and at the same time close to a listener. Klipsch RF-35 copes with stereo effects, due to which the sound passes from one speaker to another, perfectly. However, the piano played too loud and harsh and the orchestra need more "air", the separation of instrument groups was quite conventional.

Klipsch RF-35 Floor standing speakers photo