Klipsch RF-10 Floor standing speakers

The construction of RF-10 from the American Klipsch company comes from reputed reference series (RF= Reference Floor). Despite of the fact that this is the youngest speaker systems in the series, the researches widely used in the older "brothers" are used here. A 25-mm tweeter's dome is hidden in the depth of the branded Tractix Horn. The horn is designed for greater transmission of high frequencies, for this its faces are inclined horizontally and vertically at 90 and 60 degrees respectively. Metal-ceramics is used in MF/LF speakers. Their membranes, made of aluminum, in the result of anodizing are covered with ceramics and with its minimal weight have excellent stiffness and good damping properties. These technologies allow to achieve fast response and minimize resonant vibrations. Cast polymer baskets of these heads provide effective heat dissipation and increase the efficiency of drivers' work. To enhance low-frequency component, there is a massive bass-reflex on the back wall of the speaker systems. Properly muted "bowels" of RF-10, the bodies of which are made of 8-mm MDF plates, are well visible through it. The speaker systems are equipped with good spring terminals.

Sound. You unwittingly wait from small, compact speaker system a corresponding chamber sound. In the first second of functioning the American pair denied the existence of strong direct connection between sizes of speaker systems and acoustic image, made by them. Klipsch RF-10 produce unexpectedly volumetric, big sound. The speaker systems play in open, immediate, generous manner and at the same time very accurately and sharply, especially in the upper case (positive contribution of horn design is heard here). Small depth of bass puts RF-10 closer to the class of shelf systems, but by the register's character - density, fullness - the model quite corresponds to floor standing speaker systems. The model's sound has the complex of positive features: it is transparent, airy, smooth, and balanced in tonal sense and at the same time pleasant and comfortable. Slight coloring is noticeable in the area of upper bass, but this doesn't spoil the impression at all.

Klipsch RF-10 Floor standing speakers photo