Yamaha RX-V340RDS AV-receiver

Decorative grooves on the front panel and fluorescent display with amber indications are family traits of Yamaha. The receiver has no clear separation of work areas, because the developers find a full-featured remote control to be the main control center. The algorithm can be called intuitive, well-written instruction will help to understand it. Much attention was paid to increase the accuracy of settings: the room's size is taken into account, changing step of the distance from speaker systems to a listener is 10 cm (4"). Volume per channels can be adjusted in two variants: by usual algorithm or through basic level (it is the volume of left frontal speaker system; the levels of others are adjusted through balance control). Digital inputs of RX-V340RDS are assignable. By the number of decoders RX-V340RDS leaves many competitors behind. It is designed for decoding of even 6.1 soundtracks (DD EX or DTS-ES Matrix) through five speaker systems: information for rear center is recognized and mixed into the signal of rear speaker systems. Due to "waist" and minimum buttons the remote control lies well in hand and the buttons, at the same time, are within the reach of thumb. For such money Yamaha RX-V340RDS is a good gift to the owner of "five satellites and subwoofer" system, who wants to experience the benefits of a 6.1 sound.

Yamaha RX-V340RDS AV-receiver photo