B&W 705 Bookshelf speakers

The 705 is the pilot speaker in B&W's new lineup, designed to condense the relatively sparsely populated area of "affordable High End". This is a very characteristic feature of the brand's marketing policy... The 705 series will occupy the area between the budget range DM600 S3 and the Nautilus 800 series. In the mentioned interval today live acoustics of CDM NT line, with which the novelty has a lot in common ... However, it is impossible not to note the design differences, of which the new case catches the eye. Its width decreases smoothly to the rear - an additional touch for rigidity, as well as the vertical MDF ribs on the inside of the sides. The 16-liter volume is densely packed with two types of sound absorber mats. New design - new drivers and filters of the second order. The tweeter's magnetic system is neodymium; the diaphragm is loaded on the absorber-filled proprietary waveguide, which dampens the vibrations emitted by the back side of the dome. The voice coil is wound in a single layer with aluminum wire. All elements of the Kevlar bass/midrange driver are made with very tight manufacturing tolerances, in particular its magnet system. Probably, this explains the unusual behavior of the driver at low frequencies. The Flowport's constant, low-noise bass-reflex port can be fitted with the supplied polymer foam plugs. The 705's contact group is designed for bi-wiring and is not equipped with jumpers.

The sound of the system has a characteristic soft cohesion, which for the experienced listener means little harmonic distortion throughout the frequency range. The tonal balance is impeccable, but at the same time, the sound is not neutral - primarily because of the beautiful, in other words, bass. It is rare to find a compact speaker with such a bass potential. It is not the confidence with which the 705 conveys the entire volume of the mid-bass that surprises, but how that bass from the 165mm head retains its clarity and dynamic reserve! The speakers disappear, and in front of you is a smooth, non-uniformly protruding space, which depends only on the talents of the sound engineer and your amplifier. In the upper sound layers everything is very clear; the inherent contrast in the high frequencies is reduced to a minimum, although the B&W handwriting is easily recognizable. At high volume, the bass begins to lose its rigor, not so soft and light in the middle... This is an absolutely inevitable loss for a mini-monitor even for this money. The B&W 705 is a serious example of what a compact speaker with cool drivers can do. The most striking advantages are the wide frequency range and the stable stereo panorama. It is advisable not to skimp on the power of the amplifier.

Price: $1430
B&W 705 Bookshelf speakers photo