Onkyo TX-NR900E AV-receiver

Evening - theater with THX-certified 7.1 sound THX Surround EX, day - non-stop music from CDs from MP3-files, from radio and ... Despite the fact that FM-broadcasting in one way or another is represented everywhere, you see, is not always manages to find the right repertoire. Is it time to go for musical novelties in the cyberspace of the Internet? Perk or not say, Onkyo behavior discourages competitors and consumers: Onkyo TX-NR900E function Net-Tune - a mix of High End Audio for informational infinity internet ... In fact, the World Wide Web provides an endless source of musical enjoyment: Internet radio stations, sites and portals with every possible music formats MP3/WAV/WMA. By the way, a network of sites around the world and is now a special branch of the firm Onkyo, establish an ad hoc basis Net-Tune Central. Connection to it makes AV-receiver to the computer in the musical "perpetual motion". That's what in a nutshell - Onkyo TX-NR900E.

Contact is with internet stations using a high-speed modem via Ethernet-port (connector - on the back of the receiver). The procedure is almost the same as with conventional FM-stations, in the same way, you can store up to 30 presets. The main difference - quality: because there is no interference inherent in radio here. However, if the network is of insufficient quality (heavily loaded or small its bandwidth), then the delivery of the next portion of information may be delayed, so hope to connect to the Net-Tune on the telephone line is not always justified. However, you can advance to pump the music files in your computer - and all the works. The developers hope that the owner of the receiver is connected to a broadband line (Broadband Internet Service with DHCP-protocol) and will get a computer Pentium III 600 MHz (or higher), RAM 128-256 MB OS Windows 98SE/XP/2000 (McIntosh - is not supported). Frankly, the establishment of a contact - not a job for "Dummies". But for advanced users, model, rich advanced developments - a real gem. It is worth mentioning at least the high-end technology VLSC (Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry), which eliminates the digital stream from impulse noise, distorting the result shape of the sound signal. VLSC and collectors will appreciate the MP3-files, and movie-goers. In general, list everything you can Onkyo TX-NR900E, is not possible. It seems that everything just dream theater-goer - only half of what there is. Indeed, the device is designed for experienced. Seven-channel amplifier is made by a well-proven technology WRAT (wide range amplifier technology), standing on the "three pillars": small depth feedback, individual wiring common to the stages in order to reduce interference and noise, plus an increased current output to provide better damping speakers. Regarding the choice of the mass settings and set the best sound in a variety of operating conditions and performance. Of course, we would like to do the settings on the principle of "passed - forget", but the true audiophile will return to them time and again. AV-receiver itself has nothing to do with it: especially records in various formats make adjust the sound. There is a simple system Multiroom, allowing voice one more room for switching network. If at first quite 5.1-Surround, a pair of amplifier channels remaining in the reserve, it is possible to use for the second zone. For full independence and set an even better special IR receiver.

If decoding and playback of 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 multichannel audio format all clear (here - only the most-most, and with virtually no restrictions), there is no way for a variety of sensations Onkyo offers additional modes of stereo audio processing (eg, reverb) .

Manage TX-NR900E supported almost equally with both panel and the front panel. Therefore, the total number of keys and buttons impressive. Most of them are hidden under the hinged lid, probably so as not to shock the owner. However, aesthetics, too - not the last thing. It is clear that with such a functional saturation and remote control could not get a cute toy ... It works with up to 8 devices; it can be changed by using codes or train from another remote. Attaching a pair of macros 16 steps each. The presence of the OSD (On Screen Display) - undeniable benefit. In general, user-friendly interface in a similar technique - a vital necessity.

To date, the model Onkyo TX-NR900E - one of the most original. So flattering assessment applies to the actual quality of the sound path (no wonder TX-NR900E owns top-Series Integra), and to the equipment, a unique feature enhanced Net-Tune. Although experts reacted calmly to the symbiosis of information technology with classic High End Audio, and the idea of a specific embodiment of a mature look. Who knows, maybe similar devices will soon become the norm?

Price: $1890
Onkyo TX-NR900E AV-receiver photo