Denon TU-425RD Tuner

Tuner Denon TU-425RD, released in the Czech Republic (!), pleasantly pleased Eye strict black dress with orderly rows of rectangular buttons, and the thirteen-digit display, on which letters and numbers are drawn thin blue lines. To indicate receipt of the Radio Data System RDS, fine-tuning, and STEREO modes are a few small signs, arranged in a single row at the top of the display. Indicated in general a lot, but nothing more. Rectangular buttons, which can be successfully called keys are large enough in size. Trying to push them a little spoiled the experience - the course is small, and they recorded a hard click. The tuner is equipped with medium wave loop antenna and an isolated black conductor serving VHF antenna. Special control bus connecting the tuner to an amplifier, no, but to the left of the display, it is invisible, hiding behind a transparent overlay peephole infrared receiver wireless remote control. The most remote in the bundle: he sells smiling with stereo or AV-amplifiers from this company. Ranges from the tuner only two: medium wave and FM. You can preset 40 radio frequencies, automatic programming memory only works in the FM-band. Adjustment keys and memory not allocated mentioned the slender ranks of presets, and it certainly is not very good. Prettiness in this tuner won ergonomics. Prominently displayed, for example, round a button changes the bandwidth FM-tract, and in fact she was not home, and serves only to improve reception in noisy environments or when the signal is weak. Designed, in general, for the same purpose key RF ATT - high-frequency attenuator for attenuating the input signal is strong in the presence of noise or distortion, which must be immediately turned out to be a very different place. The same applies to the system control buttons RDS. Besides the usual manual or seek tuning offers a searchable setting only RDS-stations. The display lights up with the words "search for RDS", in English, of course, but at the end of the process (in the Russian context is fairly typical) - "no RDS". But in Moscow, from two to four stations RDS-working and setting stops to them. exactly the same there is an automatic search RDS-stations by program type (function PTY), which must be ordered from the list of 16 names stored in the menu and "flip" button Shift PTY. might as well and the result is happening and search for stations traffic information (TP) mainly for motorists, but if it is passed, it could have been listening and this tuner. When the number of RDS-stations combined network (EON), and one of them transmits traffic ads (TA) and tune in drututo station network, it can automatically rearrange to give the opportunity to listen to an ad, and then return back to the previous station. to implement such a fantastic opportunity to all-goto and have to press EON TA, well, and even to such networks existed . There is just as useless for us and function EON PTY. But back to the real work of the tuner. The parameters of its VHF tract were high enough, and that affected the reception of the ether - all stations taken well and without interference. Sound first got on the air station is not loved as the announcer (now it is called non announcer and DJ) talked a little bit on the nose, after the common cold (remember the pirated video cassettes). Slowly sin and the tuner, to hear other stations. The effect is almost gone. Musical programs seemed accentuated bass, which, unfortunately, does not give them the convexity. Parameters and AM reception comment on two words: information channel.

Price: $230
Denon TU-425RD Tuner photo