Denon TU-215RD Tuner

Denon TU-215RD is low, light and shallow. The body is of beautiful light gray color with golden shimmer. The display is very sharp and easy to read, large and convenient buttons leave a great impression. Only two rounded buttons EON and Radio-Text for direct call of ticker on display make some dissonance. The tuner is easy auto-programmed, but unfortunately only in FM range. You can write selectable names of stations in the memory if they don't transmit RDS. And if they transmit, it is possible to read text with ticker, to have automatic search of stations by type of program content and many other things. The tuner's connection is standard and easy: disconnectable power cord, outputs of right and left stereo channels and, yeah, two antennas - for AM and FM. Frame AM antenna of quite big sizes increases the efficiency of receiving at hectometric waves. There are on long waves. Also there are no input attenuator and S-meter. If the first-mentioned is somehow justified by the very high selectivity of the device, the second-mentioned would be highly desirable at least for correct orientation of the antenna. Generally, tuner's parameters are good, especially in FM range: the sensitivity is close to limit, although the measured meaning turned out to be worse than stated in the instructions. Adjacent-channel selectivity turned out to be on the high standard level of 60 dB (apparently, it can't be higher without limiting the band of audio frequencies), and real selectivity is the highest among all. This tuner is bantam - absolutely don't afraid of strong interference at other frequencies! The selectivity is good in AM range too that does credit to the developers of the device. All-in-all I very like this device: the sound is pleasant and well-drawn and interference is almost imperceptible.

Denon TU-215RD Tuner photo