Audio Pro Focus SA-5 Floor standing speakers

Surely a sealed box? Naive question when we first met. No, of course, bass-reflex, but it is going down the tube by some improvised megaphone, expanding down from 60 to 120 mm ... I'll be a step towards powerful bass - a kind of passive subwoofer c total internal volume of the vessel more than 50 liters. It can function effectively and to reduce the overall level of vibration speakers are placed on a special stand, which are 5-mm strips of aluminum, based on the spikes. This design raises the bottom plane 33 mm above the floor.

Thus, the inverse hole with his turbulent flows and some midrange leakage is unlikely to significantly affect the formation of the audio image in the main band. Good prerequisite for a smooth performance and proper stereo. Bi-wiring.

Timbre: not very eventful, but the formal correctness is almost always observed. With sufficient versatility sometimes noticeable monotonous metallic overtone. In the records of authentic music feel the enthusiasm and proficiency, pent reasonably detached drily. Aggression zone - about 2 kHz. In copper as if a halo appears - slightly clamped and bright. The piano is not going to help - here he is quite modest.

Votes: immediately implement a powerful breakthrough at will. Freedom and sensuality. It seems that the higher the frequency, the more it. Charms variety of female vocals. Live voice and sweet, sometimes grubby. Fragments of the opera is there truly a well put. Unfortunately, a small lower middle coloring does not allow enough to enjoy the magnetism of artificially created divine voice of Farinelli.

Stereo: amazing space and extra-base. Space is easy to change the tone, shape, depth, and most importantly - all this grand illusion remains stable over a fairly wide area, even for a considerable number of students at the same time.

Bass: instantly declared itself a solid wall, where the ideal elasticity combined with noble muted rasp. Lion roared ... Almost without nonlinearity, if not to find fault with some dirty around the bass of Mel Schacher. However, this part of the Japanese remastering is particularly difficult to read. And it's better not to go to excesses - at a very low level of good bass drum in a symphony orchestra, 25 Hz does not seem quite so fantastic figure.

Characteristics: intense attack and speed, so unusual in this troubled lowercase. Where passions subside, the voice becomes likely, a bit awkward and sweet. Twilight artistry. Complex vicissitudes of classical music sometimes seem a lesson or a retelling of the book. Annoying omissions in violation of the general harmony.

Audio Pro Focus SA-5 Floor standing speakers photo