Rega Apollo 35th Anniversary CD-player

Rega firm was formed in 1973, and the 35th anniversary, it was decided to release an upgraded (or, as it is today like to say tuned) version of one of the most successful of its products, the player Apollo, limited (500 copies). Edition. And there was an index 35th. From the usual "Apollo" Jubilee different modified clock generator (reduced tolerance beats the clock), which helps to reduce jitter. In "Apollo", a condenser with a dielectric of polyester, but here - with a more robust polypropylene; circuits in the DAC (WM8740 Scottish firm Wolfson) electrolytic capacitors replaced with more high-quality polymer, having a wider range of operating frequencies. Improved and "cosmetics" - the facade was an all-metal (machined aluminum), legs and buttons also made of aluminum.

Apollo player designed as much for three years. Rega specialists together with British manufacturers have created for him a set of specialized chips that handle data from CD, increasing the length of the digital word twice (up to 32 digits). Hence, a single bit will not be lost in vain. The drive head is controlled by the most perfect algorithm allows to keep the laser spot in the best position and the best focus. Hence, at this stage, the information will not be lost.

Loading mechanism - not bin and, God forbid, a slit, and the upper ("window" must be lifted manually with the tongue, and open access to the three-point - as a portable player - detent disk). Indications fluorescent display are noble dark red color. The control buttons on the front are made of different shapes, each is clearly associated with the function, which is the responsibility.

Exclusive players usually do not reproduce MP3, but Canadians - people are democratic, they supplied Apollo decoders MP3 and WMA. At the same time on the remote to cycle through the albums and tracks in the album are separate buttons. View MP3-disc during playback is not possible, pressing the transition is immediately perceived as a team and start playing the new track. Yes, in a view and it makes no sense, as the name still does not appear, only the number of albums and tracks. There is a music calendar for 20 positions, working not only with the CD, but with compressed files.

Remote control as if from a DVD-player - the same circle with the arrow keys, however, he says for other functions (choice of the album when playing CD-MP3 and transition to a new track). Notably absent the power button (it is only on the front).

When you listen to our experts were pleasantly surprised by the realism and listening comfort. Initially, the impression that the player is not enough emphasizes that part of the boundary of the sound stage, which takes a tool, but we soon came to the conclusion that this is the real natural - so the TV is not giving edging, the image appears slightly blurred. Perhaps the bass a little relaxed, but high-frequency clarity and features a comfortable unobtrusive. Of course, to identify all these advantages can only quality amplifier and speakers.

Rega Apollo 35th Anniversary CD-player photo