Pioneer S71 Floor standing speakers

S71 is the result of joint work of the French and Japanese branches of Pioneer corporation. To fight against standing waves the bodies of these elegant loudspeakers have the special profile, which together with the proprietary ABD/AFAST technologies of damping guarantees complete inertia. The figured base rests on the adjustable spikes - the most effective way of decoupling from floor. Three-way bass-reflex systems are built on the pair of 130-mm drivers with the diffusers made of carbon fibers. Mid-high-frequency section is built by coaxial principle. A 25-mm titanium tweeter with the upper playback border of 50 kHz is installed in the center of MF-cone. A two-wire connection to an amplifier is provided.

Despite of small caliber of the drivers, Pioneer S71 are able to work without audible compression up to incredible volume levels. The sound, in general, can be characterized as monitor, i.e. almost devoid of any noticeable coloring. Among existing positive qualities we should note a pulsating mid-bass and correct upper frequencies. In voice range Pioneer S71 have some tonal simplifications - vocal sometimes needs more naturalness and complex polyphony is transferred with a slight muddle.

Sound space is built effectively; the images are quite accurately placed in their places, but somewhat amorphous.

Pioneer S71 Floor standing speakers photo