CD-player Blacknote CDP 300

Significant area of the front panel there is a huge dot LCD scarlet. He perfectly readable from a distance, but the main advantage of such a decision in the absence of spurious interference - in this sense LCD matrix is much preferred the traditional fluorescent displays. All nodes apparatus assembled on a solid steel plate. This part is covered with a special vibration-damping enamel, which is commissioned by Blacknote. Effectively suppress the vibration of the three-layer composite also helps faceplate.

In the CDP 300 realized the idea of driving Natural-Speed. Special measures devised to maintain the "natural rate", provide smooth rotation of the disc so that reading takes place almost without mistakes. The mechanism does not create vibrations and noiseless operation. Together with high-precision clock generator Burr-Brown PLL1705 it provides a low jitter than standard transports.

The second feature of the CDP 300 - Separate power to all units. Analog, digital, and mechanical control of the machine get energy from their own transformers, each carefully matched power system with the consumer. Digital paths are used 24-bit converters AKM Japanese and American Texas Instruments (brand Burr-Brown). They are included so as to obtain 368-times oversampling data source. This solution allows us to derive far beyond the audible range of the quantization noise signal and simplify the analog output circuit. The latter, in turn, is built on a balanced circuitry on two 6922 tubes.

Player wins his passionate musical temperament. The device has a sound SuperDynamic handwriting beautifully conveys the attack, so drums are played very lively and natural. Gulkovaty reverberation, but it is suspected that they are caused by microphonic. Despite the fact that the developers have taken all measures for vibration protection, extra soundproofing platform under the player will not be superfluous. The average range is transmitted openly and slightly restrained by the dynamics. In this band, the Blacknote CDP 300 sounds generous, but without expansion - smoothly and accurately. Hear everything spotless cleanliness, unaccustomed sound may even seem less vivid and moving than any other player. Playing uppercase also does not cause complaints. Figure HF absolutely right - there is no color, found the right balance between comfort and informative. Treble plucked from the general web, as sometimes happens, and are a natural part of the musical picture. That's Italian unit creates the strongest presence.

There are, however, and weaknesses in the sound. Powerful dynamic contrasts, especially concentrated in the high range, transmitted not as clean as we would like. Looks like the lamp still make some limitations here. There are errors in the sound stage. She "painted" broad strokes and wider than usual. Imagine how the video looks like 4:3, stretched on the wide screen - here the effect is about the same. On the other hand, the scene has all the signs of a clear separation according to the plans. The problem extended panorama solved very simply - the restriction of stereo speakers.

Blacknote CDP 300 CD-player photo