Sony SS-X90ED Floor standing speakers

The bodies of Sony SS-X90ED have an unusual form. Semi-circular side walls widen to the back wall, not vice versa. Unlike similar constructions with an external tweeter, the tweeter of SS-X90ED is made as a monolith with the upper wall. Look at the tweeter itself. Have you ever met 25-mm drivers made of carbon in other systems, which can play up to 70 kHz? A pair of long-stroke woofers is made of material, not similar to cellulose or carbon fiber composite, and can withstand the enormous input power. Speaking about Midrange, which reminds Kevlar drivers from B&W, you can notice here only one thing - the fact of using this material tells about nothing. Kevlar is used for diffusers as often as aluminum or polypropylene, but the sound is different.

The character of SS-X90ED clearly not corresponds to their monumental appearance and heavy weight - high dense bass and neat and emotionally restrained top are associated rather with shelf monitors. Sony speaker system distinguishes by musical balance. The lowest frequencies are in a slight deficit; the center of gravity is moved on strings of bass group (the sound of cello and double bass is emphasized). Minor bodies' side-tones appear in this band too. But starting with 5 kHz, the sound becomes very linear. Discants are transferred freely, with expressive air and true musical realism. SS-X90ED also surprised by scale of sound stage - there is the feeling that the sources are far outside the listening room.

The Japanese system always sounded specific. And if you judge strictly, for the lover of stereo this speakers are not the best choice, despite of generous and detailed bass and perfect quality of upper band. But for musical multichannel system with a sub Sony SS-X90ED will be the perfect choice. Not by chance these loudspeakers are sold individually, not stereo pairs.

Sony SS-X90ED Floor standing speakers photo