Sunfire HRS-10 Subwoofer

HRS-10 is a heavy subwoofer and looks impressive but doesn't grow out of 30 cm. Bevels on top edges and a big 10-inch driver with enhanced and stiff suspension give it monumentality. Such "impregnable" piston speakers, specially designed for small closed volumes, are the main feature of almost all developments of Bob Carver. They demand the highest energetic potential from an amplifier. That's why HRS-10 has a built-in amplifier with the power of 1000W with a limiter, which does not allow the diffuser to go at high risk amplitudes.

The inputs in this sub are presented by both low-level and acoustic terminals. Outputs are only low-level. The filter works in the range of 30-100Hz and turns off at the extreme position of the regulator. The phase can be varied from 0 to 180 degrees.

HRS-10 plays the most dynamical, solid and clear bass among compact subs. Attack is fully elaborated, infra-bass is well-expressed, reverberating overhang are perfectly controlled. But there are some problems in balancing on the lower level - if satellites have fast dynamics, it is not easy to achieve full synchronicity. Switching on the acoustic line partly solves the problem - articulation and accuracy are improved. Note that found settings will not be final, because HRS-10 comes to the optimal parameters during longer "warm-up" than other bass machines.

Sunfire HRS-10 Subwoofer photo