Sunfire Dominator D-10 Subwoofer

Interestingly, having a considerable power (1000 W) and small sizes Sunfire Dominator D-10 sub doesn't have radiator. A 254-mm diffuser due to wide and long-stroke suspension allows moving large volumes of air. Three adjustable handles allow you to set frequency cut of crossover (30-100 Hz), phase (0-180?) and level. Stereo input, through RCA output and also high-level stereo input with screw terminals are present.

Sound. A little goes a long way - this folklore passage is suitable to describe LF temper of Sunfire Dominator D-10. Bass of this cube is reputable. Advantages of sound are deep, smooth, fast- enviable set. If D-10 dominates in the system, this happens only in positive sense. You can build very nice 2.1 system with floor or quite bass shelf speaker system giving corrected signal on input of D-10. The model's speed is large in the literal sense too: the sub operates diffuser so actively that shakes itself. If you put something heavy on it (planter with palm, for example), shaking stops and attack of sound becomes clearer.

Sunfire Dominator D-10 Subwoofer photo