Tuner TEAC T-R450

The tuner TEAC T-R450 somehow gains at once elegant external registration, the big two-lower case display, and the most important that greets at inclusion, welcoming you an inscription of Welcome, appearing large letters in the top line of the display. The black forward panel of the tuner with a big transparent slip on the display looks beautifully, governing bodies are grouped simply, clearly and expediently. The display is placed in the center, at the left there are a large key of the switch and the buttons operating functions of the tuner, the timer and an alarm clock. Here means that the tuner can be programmed on inclusion and switching off in any, beforehand set time, and to make it or for one day, or for every day. To the right of the display big keys of control and under them - a thin key of the switch of ranges. Management of keys easy and convenient; unfortunately, there is no only separate switch of manual and automatic control. By short-term pressing of keys of reorganization on frequency up or down frequency changes jumps on 50 kHz on FM and on 9 kHz on middle waves. This mode corresponds to manual control. If to take a key longer, the continuous change of the frequency stopping at exact control begins. It is a mode of automatic, search control. Unfortunately, it is difficult to follow the moment when one mode is replaced by another, and it is possible to pass the next station on frequency. The moment of exact control is displayed by an inscription of Timed and emergence of the stylized scale of the measuring instrument of force of a signal. That it is - it is remarkable, but that it is displayed only after control for station - an obvious defect: after all this measuring instrument also is necessary just in the course of control!

Under the display there are thin keys of switching of operating modes of the tuner and the display, there is, for example, the "dimmer" reducing at desire brightness of the display (and it is necessary to tell, in a usual mode the display quite bright, both all figures and inscriptions very well it is visible). By means of other buttons under the display it is possible to enter own names of stations into memory of the tuner, and they will be displayed in the top line of the display at the same time with value of frequency in the bottom. It was once again thought of very successful organization of inscriptions on the display. The owner can't be afraid to fall asleep in the evening and to forget to switch off the tuner - the Sleep function allows to make it automatically in 10 - 120 minutes after its installation. In memory of this tuner in the ranges of FM and average waves it is possible to program on 30 stations, only 60! There is an automatic programming of memory at which the tuner itself is reconstructed on frequency and automatically remembers frequencies of well heard stations. The tuner month even is held at least at the fork of food switched off from a network in remembrance. The tuner TEAC T-R450 is equipped with the RDS system decoder with its three useful functions: reproduction on the display of the name of station, type of the program and exact time. All this station is transferred to air by digital codes at the same time with the broadcasting program. Automatic search of radio stations with desirable type of the program is possible. Tuner parameters in the FM range though not record, but are rather high, and reception from air is provided the very qualitative. The same can be told and about a sound. Reception in the mediumwave range is much worse. Though background also it isn't revealed, but there is a lot of noise, and at connection of the external antenna hindrances from other radio stations that speaks about insufficient real selectivity are listened.

TEAC T-R450 Tuner photo