Tuner Technics ST-GT650

Known firm presented a very nice tuner with a large display and a round pen settings. Government quite a lot, but their purpose is obvious, therefore control the tuner seemed simple and easy. There is a remote control, the total for the tuner and amplifier. ST-GT650 operates in the long, medium wave and FM. In memory control microprocessor frequency, you can add up to 59 radio stations. There are self-programming, in which the first 20 presets are reserved FM stations, following 10 - medium-and others - long-wave. Tune in to the station entered in the memory can be simple one-two of the 10 buttons on the front panel. Special buttons you can select the tuning mode - manual or automatic. Moment fine tuning displayed stylized drawings depicting bandwidth tuner and radio carrier frequency, is located in the middle of the cross. Incidentally, the color display is very beautiful - it draws large blue letters and numbers, and red - small office icons. Bandwidth tuner has two meanings wide and narrow. Broad band is used for "pure" reception days of receipt of minimum harmonic distortion, and narrow - to increase the sensitivity and mainly - selectivity in harsh conditions and receiving a lot of noise. Under these conditions, a single click you can switch to mono reception, which increases the signal/noise ratio, although this leads to a loss of the stereo effect. Equipped with an RDS tuner and can play on the running line display information transmitted RDS-stations. And one more, though rarely found in different radios, but extremely useful feature of the received signal level indicator on the display signal exceeds the decibel level of 1 mV. In the test, we verified the accuracy of the graded S-meter: it was within +/- 2 dB for input signal range from 3 to 60 dB. Higher than 60 dB doesn't show the display. This feature allows you to easily orient the antenna for best reception for maximum signal. Measured parameters tuner FM were generally decent. Maximum signal/noise ratio is obtained when the input signals of hundreds of microvolts and millivolts units and is 75 dB, which corresponds exactly to the passport. Situation is somewhat different selectivity: specification, it is 70 dB at a broad band interference and detuning of +/- 400 kHz and 25 dB at a narrow band and +/- 200 kHz detuning. The measured values were 70 dB and 63 dB, respectively (the latter is much higher stated that it is very good). This figure selectivity and side mirror (parasitic) receiving channels 100 dB has not been confirmed - the real values of 87 and 90 dB, respectively. Measured 53 dB AM suppression is almost exactly the claimed 55 dB. In the LW and MW tuner well received by the loop antenna attached to local radio stations. But with high sensitivity in the AM bands (3.5 mV) that is necessary for admission to the loop antenna tuner selectivity is very, very lacking. Measurements completely confirmed when connecting external, though not particularly long antenna. Ether appeared clogged noise and ground signals shortwave radio, a hook that make at least something has become almost impossible. These are the results of tests and concluded: The tuner Technics ST-GT650 can be used only in the FM band, where he works great.

Technics ST-GT650 Tuner photo