Floor standing speakers Ceratec Effeqt T MkIII

These speakers differ in height as a solid (165 cm) and a nontrivial appearance. The main body portion that houses the dynamic head is made of aluminum and has a cylindrical shape. Round base - glass, and to decouple it from the floor glued adjustable spikes. The diameter of each of the two bass heads 10 centimeters, their membranes made of cellulose, impregnated damping composition. Systems installed sufficiently serious tweeter with silk dome 28mm and neodymium magnet system. The model is a three-way bass-reflex system, and a lower limit of 38 Hz playback.

The main advantages of these unusual speakers include the ability to completely dissolve in the sound space. In this case it is uniformly fills the entire listening room, and virtual images effectively occur before the listener. Despite belonging to the designer's class system legibly reproduce any musical genres, making it is not an aggressive manner.

Effeqt T MkIII can sound loud enough - the first signs of stress occur in almost deafening sound pressure. LF opportunities naturally limited as small internal volume and caliber of the driver. It will come in handy support from the subwoofer as high class. But in general, it should be recognized that within the core of the operating band, this model is unlikely to relinquish Ceratec traditional hi-fi acoustics.

Ceratec Effeqt T MkIII Floor standing speakers photo