CD-player JVC XL-V164

Player JVC XL-V164 has a very refined sound. Disadvantages consist in a sound lack of low frequencies, and also in some extended region of high frequencies. We recommend that you buy this player taking into account both its cost and high-quality sound and equipment, the level of which is above average.

Function DDRP, combined with the function Compu Link, provides a very convenient dubbing from cassette tapes to CDs. This model - one of the few equipped with adjustment mode headphone connections. Player does not have a volume control. I would add that the player contains another very useful mode: find fragments in the indices.

All controls are very intuitive. Undoubted advantage of this player is pleasing appearance. It also contributes to mu mechanics placed in the central part of the body. Mechanic pickup and disc loading work quite quietly. CD player JVC XL-V164 is not equipped with a switchable display.

For those listeners who want to buy a player with rich equipment and solid sound, this unit from JVC should seem very interesting.

JVC XL-V164 CD-player photo