Philips CD 692 CD-player

The design of the Philips CD 692 is in line with its price range. The front panel, made of plastic, is not very attractive. Functionality is standard. A pleasant surprise is the presence of a digital coaxial output, which is not often found in players in this price category. Control of the device is clear, logical and convenient. The mechanics are not particularly smooth. The indicator is very clear. A well-designed remote control in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics deserves attention.

Despite its low cost, the Philips CD player is not too far behind other devices. Perhaps the strongest point of this player is the accurate reproduction of the details of the sound picture and the overall pleasant sound especially when playing classical music recordings. The device reproduces works of this musical genre even better than Sony and Technics players. The stereo sound picture is somewhat compressed. The sound at low frequencies is somewhat softened, it lacks density. At medium frequencies there is some coloration of the sound. The sound at high frequencies is quite satisfactory, with coloring and distortion within acceptable limits.

A pleasant surprise was the good signal quality at the headphone output.

Philips CD 692 CD-player photo