Floor standing speakers Highland Audio Aingel 3203

The concept is very interesting company, formulated on the site: "Designer Acoustic music lovers".

Watching her visual expression in the face slim floor speakers Aingel 3203, involuntarily you catch yourself thinking about explicitly "Interior" purpose of this model. It clearly hinted fashionable today proportioned body with a small-caliber low-frequency drivers. However, the manufacturer still advises to use this model as the main speakers in the composition of high-quality sets of equipment, including premium stereo components.

Shock element here are the two 100-millimeter midbass with metal diffusers having ceramic coated and inch titanium dome tweeter with neodymium magnet and system. Two-way speakers with bass reflex rear location. And here, a pair of very small ports with specially flattened bell.

Terminal block contains two pairs of gold-plated screw terminals, providing a two-wire connection to the amplifier.

Housing effectively damped and creates a pleasant feeling of monolithic construction. Additional vibration-isolated from the surface of the floor provides a massive base for the dip in the sales package spikes. Workmanship French couple at a very high level, particularly pleasing to the eye finish vinyl film, reminiscent of natural veneer.

Listening immediately revealed a slight shift toward the tonal balance of medium and high frequencies. Acoustic sounds easy, but without a strong low-frequency basis that, in general, it is not surprising for such a volume of housing and caliber speakers. Nevertheless called sound Aingel 3203 "defective" language does not turn - systems adequately reproduce the musical soundtracks of different genres. All proposed material they played without any problems. Some remarks can be made on the transfer of space - surely differ only in the front, same remote are difficult to read. In general, the system form a "cozy" soundstage with decreasing scale sound so slightly uncertain of their localization.

But speakers Highland Audio Aingel 3203 pleased exact reproduction trebles, without any hint of aggression or blurry nuances. Different and highly informative midrange. It felt natural sound, especially in the vocals. Too expressive genres visible light compression dynamics, that is not surprising. However, the limitation comes quite soft and does not interfere with the vast majority of comfortable listening works. By increasing the volume does not appear extraneous overtones, which again confirms the design literacy.

Highland Audio Aingel 3203 Floor standing speakers photo