Neat Acoustics Elite Floor standing speakers

Neat Acoustics Elite is one of two floor standing speakers from Classic Series. Its woofer/midrange driver with impregnated paper diffuser is the same as in Ultimatum models. Tweeter is especially interesting - we are faced with such a driver for the first time. Tweeter introduces EMIT (Electro Magnetic Induction Tweeter) technology, akin to the planar technology that Infinity developed for Quantum speakers in the early 1980s. A round flat membrane with a spiral conductive path - a coil and a dome at the same time - oscillates in the field of a powerful magnet. The soft fabric around the tweeter blocks sound reflections. In the case made of 15-mm MDF boards there are two differently configured bass-reflex ports. Spikes are screwed into the case from below. Elite does not have a protective mesh, but nothing hides the amazingly beautiful texture of natural wood.

You can fall in love with the sound of these speakers from the very first sound. It is fascinatingly beautiful, fantastically musical. Transparency is crystal, saturation is rich with the most delicate, jewelry-prescribed details of medium and high register. As you move down to the lower case, Elite's musical style transforms seamlessly, but there's no eclectic feeling. The bass is elastic, focused, mobile, not very deep. The dynamic data is not very bright: the needle-precise articulation of the details of the micro-amplitude layer contrasts with the slightly reduced energy of loud episodes. Elite perfectly play any music. Perhaps, only on symphonic and rock phonograms we would like a denser, more "aggressive" bass and a dynamic resource.

Neat Acoustics Elite Floor standing speakers photo