Neat Acoustics Motive 1 Floor standing speakers

In the Motive series, this model is the largest outdoor speaker. The small rectangular case of traditionally modest design is finished with natural veneer and somewhat tilted back. 15-mm MDF walls are reinforced with spacers and bitumen. A 25-mm NMT tweeter with an inverted dome is placed in the carefully damped niche. Below, there are two 134-mm mid-range/low-frequency drivers with cellulose diffusers, concave dust caps and a rigid suspension. One of the drivers reproduces only bass, the second one - bass and mid frequencies, realizing a 2.5-band scheme. The bass-reflex port is brought to the bottom wall and sent directly to the podium. A small rectangular groove in the podium directs the sound towards the listener. The podium is made of MDF and is supported by metal spikes. On the back wall there is a large niche with strongly spaced small screw terminals and long gilded jumpers, brought forward for effect.

The sound style of this pretty British speaker system could be defined as tending towards a minimalist, if not quite mature, well-designed bass. The depth and fullness of the lower register is enough for a worthy embodiment of almost any music. The sound character of Neat Acoustics Motive 1 is successfully correlated with the brand name. The upper case is light, elegant, silky. It is important to note the high naturalness in the presentation of acoustic tones. Motive 1 plays dynamically, but without the pressure necessary to transmit some aggressive forms of electronic music. The model will certainly find supporters among lovers of classics, musicians.

Neat Acoustics Motive 1 Floor standing speakers photo