CD-player Pioneer PD-S504

This player is already at the middle stage of the considered price category, but its architecture is almost the same as that of players of a higher class company Pioneer. PD-S504 has several advantages compared to models of other companies in this price category. First of all it is necessary to mention such important technical solutions as highly stable rotation of the disk drives and move the laser scanning head, vibration and resonance stable chassis design and centrally located input tray for the CD. For convenience, copy records on cassette tape player is equipped with the highest level search on the disk and to overwrite digital recorders and DAT-,Minidisc recorders - optical and coaxial output (which, as a rule, there is only in more expensive models). At their capabilities Pioneer PD-S504 is virtually identical to the previous development of this series, with the only difference being that in this unit, a system of signal conversion Legato Link to provide the most natural sound. As a digital-to-analog converter chip is used PD 2029 (Delta-Sigma), combined with an algorithm for single-bit Legato Link digital information processing. This new generation of chips capable of converting digital data with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz, thus the bandwidth of over 40 kHz. The converter circuit is designed so that the requirements for final filtering of the analog signal was minimal.

When listening test player used works of different genres: jazz, classical, pop, rock. Expert assessment characterizes the sound of CD-player as very good, for example, we can mention the fact that the players related to a significantly higher price category, the sound quality is comparable with Pioneer PD-S504. When listening to audio material reproduced PD-S504, there is a feeling of lightness and airiness sound like a light sea breeze blow, bringing coolness and freshness. Particularly interesting sound observed when listening symphonic music, vocal singing, as well as recordings of using synthesized music.

Pioneer PD-S504 CD-player photo