Pioneer PD-S904 CD-player

A distinctive feature of Pioneer PD-S904 in the installation of CD is that it is installed in this player on a massive disc track up. However, a regular user of PD-S904 will quickly get used to such unusual way. The second is very neat and discreet design. On the front panel there is only what you need, everything else is on the remote control (9+35 control buttons). Among the branded electronic things there are one-bit DAC with direct linear conversion, its power circuit, significantly decreasing noise interference, and, of course, Legato LINKS converter, which provides more natural playing of harmonics of musical sounds, giving such a unique color to sound of acoustic instruments. On the saturated multi-functional indicator red light conveniently detaches a number of modes that require your attention. Pioneer PD-S904 has such function as driven by special cable automatic simultaneous start-up of tape recorder for recording when you enable disc playback.

The player unanimously received high rate for the playing of classical music.

Pioneer PD-S904 CD-player photo