Floor standing speakers Athena Technologies AS-F1

AS-F1 - the smaller of the two (older model of AS-F2) floor Audition Series Speakers Canadian Athena Technologies. Close molded polypropylene cone 200mm driver promises to pamper hearty bass. With a very good sensitivity value nominal electric power of 200 watts. Stiffness acoustic design seems necessary and sufficient. As a hint of willingness to work as part of a pair of home theater system, even in the most cramped conditions can be perceived fact magnetic screening of all speakers. The kit includes a plastic conical bearings.

Sound images of AS-F1 and chief floorstanding speakers Series AS-F2 are very close, only produces more bass last. But still low-frequency content of the authority of the first forms a definite tonal mood on most musical programs. With rare confidence big bass/midrange driver circulates not only the upper region, but almost all the space average bass. However, it would be wrong to speak of a low-frequency excess, although a certain flavor warming does occur. Even the classic musical material does not feel significant tonal imbalances. Little emphasis on extremely high frequencies in most cases, does not interfere. The system operates freely large arrays sound regardless of their spectral content in a wide range of volume levels. At the same time subtle tonal game features live musical instruments and dynamic microrelief transmitted bit simplistic. On the scale prescribed way stage space.

Athena Technologies AS-F1 - reliable acoustics for fans of modern musical styles, especially those where the rate is largely done on a spectacular bass. Very good as a front, and in a small room able to work for himself, and for the subwoofer.

Athena Technologies AS-F1 Floor standing speakers photo