CD-player Sony CDP-XB920

The highest model in the new QS-series contains all the technical innovations of the company in recent years. First firm notes mechanism with fixed head, followed by a current pulse DAC digital filter with variable coefficients. Furthermore, a digital filter has three special mode in addition to the standard and the test signal reproduction clearly showed the difference between them.

Despite a rich panel, player control is very simple and convenient. At CDP-XB920 is also one of the most visible and handy remote control. With it, for example, the output level is regulated in steps of 1 dB to -20 dB range.

Some features of this player, such as the ability to read CD-Text, focus on the future, as these discs are now virtually none. CDP-XB920 is fragmentary listening (Music Scan) and the ability to reduce the level in the given time (Fader). However, he combined these modes. And when listening to the initial fragments (whose duration in this unit can be set up to 10, 20 or 30) they do not abruptly cut off, and their completion precedes smooth five-second reduction level.

Sony audition took considerably more time. The reason - the ability to apply four different filter. Judging by the formal parameters, these devices can be equated to the various CD-player. No joke! Starting with a "standard", we nearly drowned in reverb room that appeared to some desperate clarity. But at the same hearing with astonishment did not find the usual low-frequency support (in the choir began to lose men's voices). Switching the filter in position "1", we have qualified the changed situation as "exactly the opposite". But if a "standard" singer was just ahead and in focus, while in the second case, she strove to "run up to the side". Harmony Public and Private was found in the other two settings, when the soloist still walked away from the stage, and the space of the room was filled with the expected soothingly details. At the same time, as it seemed, the sound became more traditional, soft, rich texture overtones. However, maybe, it would generally be left alone, these filters?

Sony CDP-XB920 CD-player photo