Pioneer DV-989AVi DVD-player

Design. Before us is a very serious device. It occupies the top position in the line of the eminent manufacturer and therefore simply must be equipped to the eyeballs. Indeed, none of the test participants can boast of 14-bit video DACs. There is also a proprietary VQE9 system that improves picture quality. The audio part, in addition to traditional 24-bit / 192 kHz DACs on each channel, boasts a Legato Pro audio filter. The appearance is also impressive: a 10-kilogram turntable in an aluminum case looks like a high-end product. Virtually a full range of outputs effectively complement the connectors iLink and HDMI version 1.1.

Functions. Read, of course, almost any audio (including SACD/DVD-A) and video (except for DivX). However, the main highlight of the model is the fine-tuning of audio and video parameters. The entire range of functions on one page cannot be listed. There is a video equalizer, independent settings for black and white levels, sharpness and color, adjustment for processing fast moving images. Ideal matching with any display is also facilitated by the scaler, which can convert a DVD signal not only into an HD picture with a resolution of up to 720p/1080i, but also into a VGA format of 640x480. It is logical that the combination of high-quality filling with powerful calibration capabilities allows the device to surpass most competitors. When working on a high-quality display, the player fully reveals the potential of the DVD format. On more expensive devices, only some old (restored) films may look better.

Control. A very unique remote control. A joystick and a large jog wheel are not for everyone. Someone will like his unusualness, someone, on the contrary, will scare her away. But it is not overloaded with keys - this is a plus. The menu system is very extensive, but reasonably organized and adorned with eye-pleasing graphics. The only reproach against her is a slow reaction to commands. There are enough buttons on the body to control the main playback modes. The display on the front panel is unremarkable, but informative enough.

Recommendations. Fans of various AV brands have broken a lot of spears in the debate about which is better - the soft, "analog" image of devices from other companies or Pioneer's crystal clearness and attention to detail. We will not impose our opinion - be guided by your own taste. However, one cannot fail to note the rich equipment of the Pioneer DV-989AVi, and the iLink connector in the presence of a compatible receiver is a decisive argument in its favor. The disadvantages - by the standards of this test, of course - can be called not the best implementation of analog outputs and a remote control. But in terms of the sum of its advantages, this device is very attractive.

Pioneer DV-989AVi DVD-player photo