AV-receiver Onkyo TX-DS787

About THX-certified technicians connoisseurs say with reverence ... Onkyo TX-DS787 - received "good" by George Lucas as a proud mark on board - THX-Select! While the built-in decoder that really expands Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES to THX Surround EX, two rear center channel output only at the line-out. The model has six amplifiers and its outputs can be connected to only one rear center (because - Select, and not THX-Ultra). So, to experience the benefits of this mode requires to purchase at least one more stereo. It turns out that if you're not ready to buy additional amplifier and speakers, decoder function THX Surrond EX remain unclaimed. After THX-processing "takes" already decoded 6.1 and converts it to 7.1. Well, but you as the owner, have the opportunity to rise to the next level later...

Communication with the receiver through ergonomics pleasure. This applies to both the front panel control, and the remote. To work with other devices at the control firms is only one way - training using another remote. The LCD display on the remote control is displayed name managed them at the moment the machine in the dark easier reading lights available. Contribute to the convenience and white buttons on a dark background, some of which are in the form of conventional symbols (for example, a double arrow to rewind the player). The receiver's proprietary Wide Range Amplifier circuit WRAT, a built-in limiter bass level to prevent overloading of the subwoofer. Tuner presets when iterating delivers only pre-programmed numbers, skipping "idle"; introduced the function erase preset. The volume levels from different AV-sources, if they are different from each other, you can trim the changing amplification stages. You can set the volume to be set when the full range of its volume and maximum value. The latter is useful if there is a fear ruin feeble column. Stations tuner and receiver inputs can come up with a new 10-character names. Delay (more precisely, the distance) to the front speakers are adjusted simultaneously, without a separate installation of the right and left.

Rationally limited range of options in this model is organically combined with the release of the main components of the sound quality. Developers found it possible to use the lowest ideas in regard to "artificial" multi-channel, and maximize, so to speak, these sound engineering tools. And this is particularly helpful prudence on the part of the listener.

Onkyo TX-DS787 AV-receiver photo