Creek Evolution 2 CD-player

Evolution 2 is the most affordable model of the two CD players currently produced by the company. The base of the player is a precision transport CD12, mounted on rubber dampers and coupled with a proprietary servo system. The heart of the device's digital part is Burr-Brown PCM 1796 delta /sigma converter, featuring by a wide dynamic range. The analog section is also built on a selective element base, for example, the low-noise amplifiers OPA2134 are installed in the output stage of the player. As you know, a well-designed power system is one of the main guarantees of high-quality sound, so Creek engineers used a completely separate scheme with independent circuits for digital and analog circuits.

The main bet in the sound of Creek Evolution 2 is made on tonal neutrality. Truly, to suspect the player in embellishment is almost impossible. This Englishman is quite strict, but at the same time rational. Reproduction attracts by the highest level of details in the entire range and at the same time accurate timbre pattern at mid frequencies. The transfer of the upper band impresses: the discants are material and precisely focused in space, and this combination is rarely found even in rather expensive components. The low-frequency register is fast and distinct, however, with excellent rate of fire, the basses are somewhat limited in depth and are not always energetic near the lower limit. The mid-range feed is at times fascinating. The sound stage seems to be monolithic, the space is maximal in size, but at the same time somewhat put forward to the listener. As if images, the scale of which is sometimes truly gigantic, are formed through a magnifying glass.

Creek Evolution 2 CD-player photo