Home Theatre System Yamaha DVX-S80

Yamaha designers follow the principle of construction of AV-system of separate components. CinemaStation S80 - is full (Hi-Fi-caliber) DVD-player and AV- processor (all six power amplifiers - in a subwoofer). Faceplates blocks, made of frosted glass, look impressive, but somewhat stylish unity violate unsuited displays: point the processor and a strip from the player. Included - two remote control: controls only one DVD, the second - universal - can command a player, a processor and a TV. Same button "seeded" on it evenly, and to choose among them the desired sometimes difficult. But you can enter codes from an extensive list of devices from other manufacturers is not only televisions and VCRs, but also DVD-players. Four AV-inputs (one on front panel) allow you to create complex AV-branched . Very useful feature Silent Cinema - playing multichannel audio via headphones. Note unique for this class of art to: Decoders Dolby Digital and DTS format recognize Matrix 6.1. However, rear center channel is created only virtually, through the existing pair of rear speakers. Hence the recommendation: Set Yamaha DVX-S80 addressed connoisseurs block equipment with advanced features. We emphasize once again that the collection of the test only works with Yamaha entries in the 6.1 format and it does not require placement in the listening room of the central rear speaker.

Technical comment

The spectrum stereo with DVD visible only the second harmonic signal; However, it should generate an unwanted present in the sound field. But pulse characteristics - excellent. Amplifier roll off at 20 kHz is only 0.4 dB and THD - less than 0.01% (excellent result)! Effective range of 35-150 Hz subwoofer, distortion less than 2%, but at high volume increased to 5% in the low-frequency region. Satellites have a rise in sensitivity range of 2-6 kHz and at higher frequencies (after 14 kHz). With the departure of the axis is aligned with the AFC, it is advised not to send the listener satellites, placing them in parallel.

Yamaha DVX-S80 Home Theatre System photo