Goldnote Koala Anniversary Tube CD-player

The anniversary version of the well-known player has a powerful body with a thick front panel made of milled aluminum - this solution allows you to effectively dampen vibrations of the drive. To effectively combat jitter, a proprietary Zero Clock circuit is used, based on the high-precision TI CDCE906 clock generator. The Electro-Power multi-circuit power supply circuit, with almost instantaneous stabilization of parameters, among other things, galvanically decouples the analog and digital sections. The digital-to-analog converter chip works in 24/192 format, ensuring high accuracy of data conversion from disks. A tube buffer is installed at the output on the 6922 dual triodes, which, according to the developers, eliminate the sound from unpleasant digital rigidity.

Italian engineers by all means tried to get the most analog, animated sound, comparable to a vinyl player. And I must admit, in many respects Koala's character reminds it. The Goldnote Koala Anniversary Tube demonstrates hearty reproduction with velvety MIDs and absolutely non-aggressive range edges. Despite the basic comfort of submission, the player is endowed with decent dynamic performance and almost does not smooth out the powerful contrasts. In its performance both the fateful compositions and serious symphonic works equally impress. We should separately note literally lacquered upper range, which in terms of micro-relief is not inferior to the most advanced players. The sound stage is not less impressive. The space is precisely calibrated in scale and deeply echeloned.

Goldnote Koala Anniversary Tube CD-player photo