Plinius Toko CD-player

The top digital source Plinius is designed in the company's latest style. The main part of the body is assembled from powerful curved aluminum plates, and the vibration damping legs are used as a support. The front panel looks quite unusual - there is only a slot for loading disks, an IR-receiver window and the Stop/Eject button. A usual information board is absent here. Indications of playback modes and track number are displayed by a strip of blue LEDs that change the glow. The digital part of Plinus Toko is built on a 24/192 chip, which, according to the developers, provides the most accurate conversion to analog. Another important feature is the ability of the device to work as a high-class network player, which supports, among other things, FLAC and WAV files of high bit width (up to 24 bits/192 kHz). To facilitate the control over the player, Plinius has developed a proprietary application called Arataki, designed for iOS systems and available at the App Store.

The player has the most accurate sound with the most delicate elaboration of the entire reproduced band. It is filled with the purest energy. The tone of the player is extremely neutral - regardless of the genre, musical works are presented incredibly truthfully and carefully. Macro-dynamics, one of the most impressive features of the model, surprises. The middle is accurate and natural, but the absolutely free and precisely focused top is especially impressive. The percussion is also perfect, in bass parts you can easily isolate each note. Reproduction of overhangs is very accurate, and this largely determines the naturalness of the sound supply. Toko's high melodic abilities require careful treatment and careful selection of the rest of the tract elements. Otherwise, you may break such a fragile harmony, which at the same time gives a complete idea of the composer's purpose and allows you to enjoy the mastery of performers. The scene is simply superb.

Plinius Toko CD-player photo