CD-player Densen B-475+ Super Leggera

The model is made in accordance with the new concept of Super Leggera (this term, which means "light" is often used in relation to racing cars). Its essence is to unleash the most sensitive section of the player and the analog portion of the supply chain. Here it is decided to radically - the model consists of two identical size unit, one of which is reading mechanism and transmitter, and the other - an external linear power supply with high-voltage stabilization. Connections between them in six separate lines (they are served three powerful torus), providing energy both digital and analog, as well as auxiliary components and display. About stuffing bit of the player information. It is known that as the drive uses a modified engineers Densen CD-drive, and to convert digital to analog used 24-bit DACs. As standard, the source does not have the remote control (this is optional), but for a fee may be supplemented with a proprietary system controller Gizmo.

Model is fairly balanced in terms of playback, and confirmed that the long detailed listening. QSOs are excellent sound resolution and sound connectivity at all levels. Player Densen B-475+ not only generates an analog signal - the listener is presented a musical fabric, an incredibly rich colors and many shades. But let's try to understand the nature of the model as much as possible. The first thing you feel - sound incredible freedom born sounds completely at ease, and hung in the air in no time decay - an incredible contrast. Gorgeous and majestic even macrodynamics. Sound literally laundered from digital dirt and has nothing to do with the typical notion of digital sound. Ease of flow and ductility are staggering. Upper range remarkably finely worked and does not suffer a lack of smearing or accuracy of the individual components. Amazing spatial characteristics - wide possible effect materializing.

Densen B-475+ Super Leggera CD-player photo