Parasound CD1 CD-player

Despite the typical hi-fi look, Parasound CD1 hides inside a real mini-computer on Linux, optimized for working with CDs. The developers gave the role of a reader to Sony Optiarc DVD-RW drive with unusual slot loading. Unlike simple CD-transports, computer mechanics allows multiple reading of information with simultaneous re-checking of data and (if necessary) their correction. In our case the data stream from the disk is buffered and only after that synchronously fed to the converter (AD1853), minimizing possible inaccuracies of the conversion. The output stage of the device is powered separately from other parts of the player and is presented in both discrete transistor design and assembled on low noise LME49990 operational amplifiers. Note that you can choose the type of output directly during playback from the remote control.

Listening begins from a discrete output stage. The sound is pleased with the excellent coherence of the components and the precise, as if counted by metronome rhythm. The sound is rich in details, but at times excessively airy in the upper band. Discants have a little lack of specifics, but the most airy components are presented in abundance. Meanwhile, the most informative content falls on the middle band, which is put a little forward to front. Probably, for this reason a powerful bass may seem to be light-weight. The scene is built somewhat close to the listener and almost three-dimensional. The foreground instruments are designed most accurately, but there is not enough focus on the edges. We are going to operational amplifiers. Here we meet the specifics of the reproduction, and the first thing you pay attention to is the bass. The bottoms as if found a support, have become more precise and more accurately decorated. The midrange also seemed to be better focused. The density of playback was increased in this register, but the sound became less airy and more rational. The upper band visibly focused. Changes touched the sound stage too. Space has obtained an exemplary order, even the instruments on distant plans have become in focus.

Parasound CD1 CD-player photo