CD-player TEAC CD-P3450SE

The appearance of the player, its ergonomics and quality finishes put CD-P3450SE number of products in prestigious category, so that the impression it produces very solid. It is nice and comfortable, or more precisely, as they now speak in circles close to the computer, organized friendly operation and display. Required minimum of control - on the panel, and everything else, and in sufficient quantities - on the remote. Playback mode in a random sequence, for example, includes a button labeled SHUFFLE in this player and it is located on the front panel and not on the remote, like many others. All natural: you have enabled this mode, setting drive and bullet - you in this moment and do not need. When you sit in a chair, then read the major labels and the numbers on the display pale blue is not difficult, and the inclusion requiring attention modes (random play, program, repeat or pause) is accompanied by labels or symbols in red. Some inconvenience due to the lack of adjustment level headphone outputs. But listening revealed that saved by this function is embedded in the sound quality. Listening experience machine "alone" when he was with us at our first meeting, confirmed almost completely. Solidity and power he does not hold, and next to it the recognized authorities and not get confused. Particularly impressive play music compositions with small details pronounced solos: the chamber, and jazz, and rock and blues.

TEAC CD-P3450SE CD-player photo