CD-player Myryad MXC6000

Workmanship and design, I was pleased. Devices from Britain on the background of "Japanese" look often primitive and sometimes clumsy, but this is not about MXC6000 say - something elegant. At the rear is worth a few slots tires My-Link extended "multiroom" control - here's another item, indirectly indicating MXC6000 accessories to the elite. But his audio switching capabilities are limited - there is no reason optics.

The case is massive. With a fair margin of safety even made the top cover. Moreover, virtually hidden inside another building - for a pair of giant tori (ah that's what they take money !). Developers have chosen to drive mechanism Sony, for the digital part - a couple of 24-bit DACs, filters production CS4396 Cirrus-Logic (in differential mode). By the way, these chips differ technology dynamically adjust (DEM), can often be found in audio at the highest level. However, on the sound effect and the analog output stage, and he MXC6000, frankly, scares his ideology: the signal passes the filter of the sixth order (with a slope of 36 dB per octave) and amplified by high-speed operational amplifiers.

For all subjective criteria sound of this player can be evaluated unambiguously - at five. I promised to be strict, but MXC6000 really gorgeous. Sound clean and realistic atmosphere, the scene is formed with exemplary precision, dynamic quality is staggering. But the most haunting his harmonic transparency - Voices naked and not painted. Even at the edges of the range MXC6000 allows himself no simplifications. Frankly, the first time in the practice test I have no comments. Perhaps, compared to more expensive devices and the novelty Myryad revealed to some flaws, but it is of equal standard.

Myryad MXC6000 CD-player photo